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How to Receive a PDF Pattern
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Patterns sold as PDFs will either be delivered to you by email or a link will appear on my website immediately after the sale.  If a link appears simply click on it until you have finished downloading your PDF.

If a PDF is emailed to you after the sale it usually happens immediately, but not always. It can take up to a few hours or more for an email to be delivered.

PDFs are emailed as attachments and usually go to your Inbox, but it may also go to your Spam, Junk or Trash folders.

When you’re expecting a PDF to be emailed to you log into the email account you used to register and hit Refresh, than check your Inbox, Spam, Junk and Trash folders.

If you have Spam Blocker or another type of email blocker on your system you may have to turn it off while waiting for the email to be sent to you.

After your PDF has been emailed to you your Order History is automatically updated, you can log into your account to check for this update.

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