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Doomsday Knits by Alex Tinsley $16.95

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The year is 3015… The polar ice caps have melted and the deserts expanded, leaving the Earth a seared, crusty Hell. Meanwhile, nuclear fallout has blocked out the sun, plunging the world into a new ice age (yes, at the same time.) The question on your mind?

“What should I knit?!”

Doomsday Knits by Alex Tinsley is a riotous collection of 32 garments and accessories inspired by the post-apocalyptic genre of film, literature, and fashion. These cutting-edge fashion pieces are just as at home in your closet today as they will be in the dystopian wastelands of tomorrow.  Features the work of SpillyJane, Katherine Vaughen, Ellen Gill, Sarah Burghardt, Sharon Fuller and more!

Doomsday Knits by Alex Tinsley
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